The Disadvantages of Biodiesel

I know that there is a solution for all the disadvantages of Biodiesel. And if we are honest, there are quite a few disadvantages to using and making Biodiesel.

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And while we are honest, let's start thinking about the disadvantages of all the other products that we are using...

The question is not whether a product, like biodiesel has disadvantages. The question is: are there solutions to the disadvantages and will you be able to live with the disadvantages if a solution can not be found.


8 Disadvantages of Biodiesel

Biodiesel gels in Cold Weather

Biodiesel, just like petroleum diesel does gel in cold weather but the exact temperature that it will gel at will depend on what it was made from.

The fuel will gel at around the same temperature than the oil or fat that was used to make it. So, if for instance you used tallow or animal fat that is solid at room temperature to make your fuel from chances are good that your biodiesel will also be solid at room temperature.

Biodiesel from Canola oil on the other hand will only start gelling at 14°F (-10°C) which is pretty much the same as conventional petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel is surrounded by negative sentiment, confusion and fear

I consider this the most serious of all the disadvantages of Biodiesel and the one that is the hardest to find a solution to.

The Negative sentiment and fear that surrounds it.

Fear that if I use biodiesel in my car I will break it and void the warranty.

The main aim of this website is to solve the confusion by providing information about the Disadvantages of Biodiesel as well as the solutions and advantages thereof.

Food versus Fuel

Is it right when we use something that could have fed a hungry child to power our trucks...?

This is a big concern and something that people constantly talk about. Do we plant and grow food or fuel.

Biodiesel grows mold

Some people do consider this a serious Disadvantage of Biodiesel but the solution to this disadvantage is so simple.

Make the biodiesel and use it while it is still nice and fresh.

Most Petroleum diesel manufacturers also recommend that you use their Fuel within 6 months. Most people I know don't by buy fuel to put it on the shelf anyway.

Water content in Biodiesel

Water in any fuel is very serious.

The reason why Biodiesel is more likely to have water in it is because some manufacturers use water to Wash their biodiesel.

If it is poorly made or not separated from the water correctly you might end up with some water in your tank.

Another reason why you might get water in your tank is because diesel fuel, conventional and bio, is Hygroscopic. That means that it can absorb the water from the atmosphere.

Biodiesel decreases Horsepower

When using biodiesel that does not measure up to the set quality standards you might experience an up to 25% decrease in horsepower.

Only use high quality tested fuels made by trusted manufacturers.

Biodiesel degrades Rubber

Pure Biodiesel and blends above 20% will degrade and soften the rubber and plastics that are used in some older cars over time.

Most newer cars have already made the change to synthetic rubbers that are resistant to this.

Biodiesel has Higher Nitrogen Oxide Emissions

On average pure biodiesel has about 10% higher Nitrogen Oxide(NoX) Emissions than conventional petroleum diesel.

NoX plays a factor in the localized formation of Smog and Ozone.

When NoX dissolves in atmospheric moisture it can cause acid rain. A quite serious disadvantage but just like the other disadvantages there is a solution to it.

Do you have more Disadvantages of Biodiesel?

Did you have a bad experience with biodiesel?
Let us know about some other disadvantages of biodiesel that you might have experienced - You submit your disadvantage and we will try to get the solution to it.

Your Disadvantage of Biodiesel.

Biodiesel Disadvantages of some Other Visitors.

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Because of the EPA mandated added a pulse equipment on diesel engines made after 2006 you can't use b100. The emissions equipment installed in the exhaust …

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The Biodiesel Energy Revolution Promise to you is:

To NEVER sell or promote a Product that will be good for the environment and not good for you at the same time.

I love nature just as much as you but it is possible to have it both ways - Good for the environment and good for your pocket.

And frankly you deserve to have it both!!

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