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A biodiesel stove is an awesome environmentally friendly way to fry your bacon.

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There are quite a few stoves capable of using biodiesel as a fuel source. Most of them are not really suited for cooking big family meals at home - unless you like to camp out in your own home. 

(I really love camping but with a crazy work schedule I rarely get the oppurtunity - so sometimes, I must admit, I do camp out in my backyard or on the kitchen floor)

Remember that we will never promote something that is good for the environment and not good for you at the same time. You do deserve to have it both ways and it is possible. 

Cooking on a multi fuel expedition stove that uses biodiesel as a fuel source while you are hiking through the wilderness is good for you and for the environment. 

Cooking food on the same stove while you are in your kitchen at home is good for the environment but it is not really good for you - it's even a bit silly...

You do however get that warm fuzzy feeling that is so nice but that will soon turn to frustration from struggling with the small camping stove.

There are quite a few biodiesel stoves to choose from and many are suitable for use at your home. 

The Real Benefit of a Biodiesel Stove

The real advantage of biodiesel fuel stoves can be seen in third world countries. 

In third world countries people have to collect firewood and use that as a fuel to cook their food. 

As we all know burning wood releases carbon dioxide which is bad for the environment.

Cutting down a tree to use that for firewood is even worse - that means there are less trees to absorb the co2 that is already in the air and release oxygen.

Cutting down trees to use as firewood also leads to some of other problems like soil erosion. 

And then there is the time and energy spend to collect the firewood. A job ussualy done by children and women.

I think you will agree that priming and lighting a stove fueled by biodiesel is much less work...

So although using a biodiesel fuel stove in your kitchen might be silly it is probably one of the smartest and most environmentally friendly things to use in a third world country and much, much better then the best alternative...

Save the trees and the people!!

Contact us to find out how you can sponsor a multi fuel stove for a needy family in a third world country. 

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The Biodiesel Energy Revolution Promise to you is:

To NEVER sell or promote a Product that will be good for the environment and not good for you at the same time.

I love nature just as much as you but it is possible to have it both ways - Good for the environment and good for your pocket.

And frankly you deserve to have it both!!

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