The Effects of Biodiesel.

The effects of biodiesel on you, your car and on the environment can be good or bad depending on the quality of the biodiesel that you are using and if the people that aremaking it are responsible or not.

I think that you will be OK with it if we only talk about the positive effects that biodiesel has here because no one should ever use anything that doesn't measure up to the set quality standards and nobody should ever buy anything from irresponsible manufacturers thatdoesn't dispose of chemicals or waste products in a proper and environmentally friendly way.

How will you know if a Biodiesel manufacturer is responsible?A good indication will be the quality of the fuel that they sell. The same people that will knowingly sell you dirty biodiesel that doesn't measure up to the quality standards will mostlikely also cut a few corners when it comes to the the responsible treatment of waste.It comes down to Ethics. Only Support Ethical companies.

The positive effects of biodiesel on your car:

A prolonged engine life. Biodiesel has dissolving properties and will clean the inside of your engine from all the unburnedhydrocarbons and other deposits that conventional petroleum diesel leaves behind.

Your engine will also stay clean because biodiesel is cleaner burning than other fuels.

Biodiesel is also a better lubricator then petro diesel and this means less wear.

All of this contributes to a longer engine life and lower maintenance cost.

The positive effects that it has on you:

- Saving money because of the positive effect that biodiesel has on you vehicle.

- Saving money because you are self sufficient and making biodiesel at home.

- You feel good about yourself because you did your part for the Environment.

The positive effects that it has on the Environment:

- A 78.5% reduction in the Carbon Dioxide that is release into the air compared to petroleum diesel. See all the Biodiesel Emissions.

- A positive energy balance, which means that we are getting more than what we give.

- A Closed carbon cycle, which means the the Co2 that is released when the fuel is made and used, are absorbed again during the process.

The Positive Effects of biodiesel can change the world but if you are not careful about the quality of the fuel that you use and the source thereof then you will experience the Negative effects thereof first hands.

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The Biodiesel Energy Revolution Promise to you is:

To NEVER sell or promote a Product that will be good for the environment and not good for you at the same time.

I love nature just as much as you but it is possible to have it both ways - Good for the environment and good for your pocket.

And frankly you deserve to have it both!!