Automatic Biodiesel Processor

With an automatic biodiesel processor making biodiesel has become even easier.

No more Biodiesel Titrations and Watching your processor like a hawk to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Now all you have to do is to fill it up and push a button. Then return in 24-48 hours to find ready to use biodiesel fuel.

One of the Reasons why not everyone is making and using their own biodiesel is becuase it is still easier to go to your local gas station and fill up your car or truck with conventional petroleum diesel then to sweat over biodiesel titrations and used cooking oil.

That is all about to change thanks to Automatic biodiesel processors.

Automatic biodiesel Processors used to be only available to large scale commercial manufacturers of biodiesel but now it is also available to small scale producers that make biodiesel at their homes for their own use.

Companies like Greenfuels in the UK and Springboard Biodiesel in the USA has sold many small and large scale Automatic processor kits to private individuals and have won numerous Awards for their products.

The Biopro190 from Springboard Biodiesel is an excellent machine capable of spitting out a batch of biodiesel that measure up to ASTM standards every 48 Hours. With some add on products the time from start to finish can be as quick as 13 Hours.

The Old domestic Processors from Greenfuels is just as impressive and slightly better looking. It looks a bit like R2D2.

These biodiesel processors are usually a bit more expensive then their manually operated cousins but if you have limited time, experience or if you just don't want to sweat over a barrel of used cooking oil then it is definitely money well spend.

What is an Automatic biodiesel fuel Processor?

It is a biodiesel processor that needs minimal input from you, the operator. All the pumps and heaters in a processor like this will turn on and off automatically at the correct time. Also the valves are automatic - opening and shutting at the right time. The Processor will drain the glycerine and even wash and dry your biodiesel. Usually the only effort required from the operator is to fill it with the biodiesel feedstock, methanol and Catalyst and to push the Start button.

Is it possible to build your own Automatic Biodiesel fuel processor?

Yes, it is and it has been done. It does however require a bit more skill then building a manual processor but it is not impossible.

Is it possible to Automate a manual processor?

Yes again. With some modifications to your manual processor you will be able to automate it. Think what you have to physically do while you are processing a Batch. Turn the pumps on/off, open/shut valves, turn on/off heaters, etc. By programming a PLC(Programmable logic controller) you can completely eliminate yourself from the process.

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